Creating durable relationships and agile supply chains will help organisations be more resilient in the face of major disruption.

The current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has introduced new challenges to the mining sector which call for a measured, practical and informed approach across the industry. It is important to understand how the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) may affect your inbound and outbound supply chain, and position your supply chains to be resilient.

These current challenges can be used as a platform to gain a deeper understanding of your strategic operations and supply chains, and in turn, develop more collaborative and resilient relationships with critical suppliers. Creating durable business relationships and a high degree of agility within operating models is what will allow organisations to strengthen overall preparedness in the face of any disruption.

Key actions to consider:

  1. Create a crisis response team
  2. Establish a team to focus on supply chain assessment and risk management
  3. Map the supply chain
  4. Conduct ‘what-if’ scenarios
  5. Conduct Integrated Planning
  6. Engage proactively with your key suppliers.

The above actions are detailed in our report which will help you understand your exposure to the challenges that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is presenting to your business, and more importantly, position your supply chain to be resilient in the face of the any future global threats.


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