COVID-19 is forcing organisations to examine and adapt learning approaches to enable remote and on-line delivery. The need is urgent and it is likely there is no budget available to make what seems to be radical changes in approach.

What many learning and HR professionals are grappling with is how to make this transition with the tools they have and still achieve the intended learning outcomes for their employees.

KPMG have outlined an immediate approach for leaders responsible for Learning and Development to help deliver effective on-line learning using the resources and tools already available, to support them right now.

There are three steps to take in changing from face to face to virtual delivery that are aligned to the Develop, Implement and Evaluate components of the ADDIE1 model:

  1. Develop: Review your initial learning requirements and design to see what opportunities there are to change in your current environment.
  2. Implement: For your new virtual courses, provide information using email, interactive PDFs, digital magazines. Focus virtual workshops on interaction, personal engagement and discussion. Just like face to face, but in shorter, more frequent bursts using teleconferences or meeting and social/collaboration platforms if a virtual classroom isn’t available.
  3. Evaluate: Prepare to fail fast. Collect feedback and information to identify any areas that need improvement (content, process and structure) and feed into the next session and future programs.

Read our full report about how to make changes to embed longer lasting change.


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