From carbon performance and consumer price to staff engagement and community building, the Energy & Natural Resource sector has a broad and powerful set of expectations from numerous stakeholders. Those expectations are only going to increase.


Traditionally, resource businesses have looked to government to set expectations through regulation. Government, however, has increasingly vacated that space at the same time that expectations have broadened far beyond industry-specific regulatory issues.

People want to work in a business that demonstrates purpose. Customers want to know that their energy provider is offering sustainable options. Local communities want a promise of jobs, clear water and clean air. Investors want returns, and to know they will not suffer reputational damage.

Then there’s the changed media, and social media, landscape that means journalists and citizens alike can publicly announce, and share widely, dissatisfaction with a corporation’s way of doing business.

How can these challenges be turned into opportunities? It can only happen by designing trust into the organisation and its everyday operations.