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Food Farm Future

KPMG was pleased to provide our support on the Steering Committee and presenting at evokeAG held in Melbourne on 18–19 February 2020.

Hosted by AgriFuture Australia, evokeAG was designed to bring together and connect recognised leaders, farmers, innovators and investors from across the food and agribusiness sector to collaborate and explore new directions for the next generation of food and farming. From plant-based protein, to packaging that preserves food, to converting onsite waste to energy - evokeAG looked to change the status quo and challenge the agriculture and food industry to go beyond traditional farming and production practices.

With leading innovation from within Australia and around the world, the event featured discussions on key topics including food safety, transparency and traceability enabled by blockchain, food waste, Internet of Things, autonomous farming, agriculture 4.0, foodtech, agtech, and machine learning, among many others.

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