In this episode of the KPMG Customer First podcast, an international series, Carmen Bekker, a partner with KPMG Australia, Joanna Stringer, Partner, KPMG in the UK and Edgar Molenaars, Partner, KPMG in the Netherlands explore the emergence of a new type of customer, whose decisions are driven increasingly by purpose, integrity and reputation.

Joanna highlights KPMG International’s recent Customer Experience Excellence report, which shows that while 88 percent of consumers still buy brands based on their needs, 80 percent of people prefer to buy from and into the brands whose actions align with their beliefs and values, and asks what that means for businesses.

The panel explores the increasing focus on the social element of ESG and how those drivers are increasingly valued by customers. They also highlight how ESG is becoming a significant differentiator in a market of similar products and levels of service.

Our specialists discuss how businesses can achieve customer buy-in and translate that into practice, illustrating their points with some great examples of trust-building key events.

Lastly, the panel look at the importance of embedding purpose across the whole business, end to end, to be truly authentic.

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