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As Australia’s business leaders contemplate a new decade, digital transformation remains their very top concern. Our third annual survey of nearly 200 C-suite executives across business, industry and the public sector finds that an uncertain global political and economic environment; climate change; leadership capability; and workforce upskilling have all risen noticeably on previous years and are now in the Top 10 list of CEOs’ concerns.

Keeping us up at night

The results are in for our third annual edition of Keeping Us Up At Night: The big issues facing business leaders.

The top 10 big issues facing business leaders in 2020

1. Digital transformation
2. Global political and economic environment
3. Regulation and regulatory environment
4. Innovation and disruption
= 5. Sustainability and climate change
= 5. Public trust
= 5. Leadership capability, accountability, stability
8. Customer and citizen centricity
9. Political paralysis and effective government planning and response
10. Workforce upskilling and transformation.

Read on to discover some thought provoking short pieces our team of subject matter experts has assembled on each of the top 10 concerns.

We hope you find this report valuable and that it contributes to your own thinking about the year ahead.

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