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Innovating in age services – The innovAGEING Challenge 2019

The first annual innovAGEING Challenge saw 29 teams rapidly prototype ideas to support better outcomes for older Australians.

29 teams rapidly prototyped ideas to support better outcomes for older Australians.

The innovation imperative in the age services industry is clearly pressing as providers respond to market challenges and opportunities. Innovators and startups need to collaborate with institutional and incumbent organisations in order to scale-up and grow, to deliver quality support to older Australians, whilst meeting their expectations.

The innovAGEING Challenge gave participants access to the knowledge, networks, and innovation labs of KPMG, and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia combined with innovAGEING’s links to the age services industry.

What is the innovAGEING Challenge?

The innovAGEING Challenge consisted of three stages:

  1. Curriculum component: A webinar and ideation virtual workshop facilitated by KPMG.
  2. Teams submitted their ideas.
  3. The top 10 teams were chosen to progress to the in-person ideation session and the innovAGEING Hackathon on at KPMG’s Innovation Lab in Sydney.

The winners

Congratulations to all the teams that took part, and in particular to:

innovAGEING Challenge Champions

St Basil’s NSW & ACT for their prototype called ‘What’s Up?’, an app connecting older persons with their family, community associations, and care providers via nudge and behavioural theory.

Runners up

Risk Managed for their app prototype, ‘SmartCare’, a just-in-time video training service aimed at care workers.

People’s Choice Award

Uniting War Memorial Hospital for their prototype, ‘Smooth Mooves’, a tracking and alerting technology that connects patient pre-fall movements with the nurse caring for them.

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Thanks to KPMG’s design and technical staff, it’s exciting to see so many smart and creative ideas be given life as working prototypes with the aim of achieving better outcomes for the wellbeing of older Australians and their families.

Merlin Kong
Head of innovAGEING

“Congratulations to the winners. They will now have access to the Commonwealth Bank’s Innovation Lab expertise, and take part in the CBA’s 10 week mini-incubator program to potentially pitch to prospective investors.”

Merlin Kong
Head of innovAGEING

Congratulations to the winners, and all teams who participated in the innovAGEING Challenge. Innovation is a key component to transforming the aged care sector. The ideas generated during the Challenge have the capacity to support better outcomes for older Australians, challenging current paradigms of care. The ideas demonstrate the power of creativity, collaboration and technical capacity to solve complex problems within the ageing sector.

Nicki Doyle
Partner for Health, Ageing & Human Services, KPMG

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