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Twice as likely to succeed

Independent research shows that there are eight capabilities that create a Connected Enterprise. Those organisations that invest purposefully in these capabilities are twice as likely to meet customer expectations, achieve their objectives and deliver return on investment.*

*A study conducted by Forrester on behalf of KPMG, 2018-2019

Seventy percent of Australian leaders say they are personally responsible for overseeing cross-functional alignment in a way their predecessors were not.

Source: 2019 Global CEO Outlook, KPMG International

The Connected Enterprise journey

KPMG Connected Enterprise offers a sustainable, risk-optimised route to successful customer experiences, from strategy through execution, that helps organisations achieve the following:

  • generate business value at every stage of the transformation journey
  • build an insights-driven, digital and customer-centric business
  • empower and enable teams to align the organisation for agility and performance
  • engineer secure architectures to enable agile, high-speed innovation
Eight capabilities

Eight capabilities, twice the impact

Connected Enterprise – Ian Hancock quote
KPMG Connected Enterprise – Stefanie Bradley quote
Five lenses for future success

Our approach, looking through five lenses

There are five lenses that we believe organisations should look through when considering future success.

With the customer at the core, there are five critical questions that organisations should ask themselves:

  1. Are you connecting your customers with compelling value propositions, opportunities and interactions?
  2. Are you connecting and empowering your employees to deliver on the customer promise?
  3. Are you connecting your front, middle and back offices to execute the customer growth agenda?
  4. Are you connecting your ecosystem of business partners to jointly deliver on commitments to customers?
  5. Are you connecting to market dynamics and digital signals?