Customer Experience Excellence in the Australian Retail Energy Sector 2019

Customer Experience Excellence: Retail Energy Sector

Creating a pathway to greater customer experience in the Australian retail energy market.


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Todays’ energy consumers are wanting more reliability, better information, tailored service and greater responsiveness in service delivery. They want all this, on their terms and through a channel that suits. While significant advancements in technology may enable this more readily, and at scale, it is a brands ability to meet and exceed these expectations that will ultimately have the greatest impact in cementing the bond between the retailer and customer.

Given the very nature of the industry, many of the interactions a customer will have with a provider can be challenging and it can be difficult to exceed expectations, however the 2019 KPMG Customer Experience Excellence report confirms that those organisations with a mature CX strategy and execution capability do reap significant benefit from a focus on the experience layer.

While last year's report showed just how much the energy sector lagged the other surveyed industries, in this year’s results we see just how much the sector has improved – in fact it is the most improved of all sectors – demonstrating that customer experience efforts are recognised by Australian consumers. Despite the improvements however, the utilities sector has more work to do as it remains near the bottom with a Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) score of 6.75; well below the Australian average score of 7.14.

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