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Visualise the future of HR

Visualise the future of HR

Meeting HR challenges demands agility. Get a wider perspective on your workforce, where data is smart so your people work smarter, driving skills to shape the future workforce and embracing change along the way. KPMG Powered Enterprise | HR jump-starts your transformation journey, helps you see the future and get there faster.

Susie Quirk

Executive Director, People & Change

KPMG Australia


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The enterprise is looking to HR to meet and respond to this disruption head on. Together, it’s building pressure on the traditional tools and structure of HR, with existing ways of working creaking at the seams.

It’s time for HR to move from an individualistic focus on such things as competence, talent and performance management, to one that combines these traditional priorities with a new, wider workforce perspective. Embracing such themes as workforce shaping, team-based reward, and experience design – and delivering a genuine, evidence-based architecture that addresses all employees – enabling the best of everyone at work.


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