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Risk reimagined – evolving risk management

Risk reimagined – evolving risk management

We explore how organisations can evolve risk management and turn challenges into positive outcomes for their business, stakeholders and customers.

We explore how organisations can evolve risk management.

In a rapidly changing global landscape, emerging risks are affecting businesses more than ever before. This means that organisations need to get on the front foot of risk, with a holistic risk management framework that is embraced from the Board to the front line.

A holistic approach to managing risk can help create sustainable value. It can help management achieve its business goals, enhance innovation, build credibility, and achieve business resilience.

To achieve this, organisations need to ‘reimagine’ their approach to risk – and evolve the way risks are managed from ‘reactive’ to ‘offensive’. They need to look at risk connectivity not just traditional two dimensions of risk. Leveraging technology and data to align and bring risk to the front line decision-making processes is key.

From culture to governance, technology to data, KPMG takes a robust approach to help organisations to ‘reimagine’ risk in this way. We help you get on the ‘offensive’ so you can seize the opportunity in risk.

In an AFR special report, along with a KPMG article series, we explore how organisations can reimagine risk, and how our Audit, Assurance & Risk Consulting practice at KPMG can help you on the journey.

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