The future is open: Reshaping the banking experience

The future is open: Reshaping the banking experience

Ten key industry trends around technological innovation that are reshaping the banking experience.

Ten key trends around technological innovation that are reshaping the banking experience.

It is clear that banks today face profound industry challenges driven by evolving customer expectations, digital challengers and increasing regulation scrutiny.

Nonetheless, we believe the future is open with opportunities, particularly in 10 key trends we are seeing in technological innovation and new business models, such as digital banking, open banking, apps, predictive banking, customer experience and personalisation, platforms, data analytics, regtech, security and intelligent authentication.

Our article series aims to arm banks with practical insights as they seek to leverage those trends for sustainable competitive advantage and growth in the long run.

  1. Does banking’s future now outweigh its past? sets the scene by looking at the pros and cons of updating legacy systems vs. taking bolder actions that lead to transformational change.
  2. Open banking opens opportunities for greater customer value offers thoughts on how to leverage Open Banking to deliver enhanced customer experience.
  3. Super app or super disruption? charts the rise of Super Apps in Asia and the implications for the global consumer.
  4. A smarter way to authenticate customers shows that security needn’t be a friction point in the customer journey.
  5. Combining automation and predictive analytics for new opportunities in banking charts how automation and predictive analytics is creating new opportunities for banks to reinvent the customer experience.
  6. Securing payments innovation explores the security implications of the banks' use of embedded third party payment systems.
  7. Getting personal: Banking and the customer experience takes a look at how the future will be dominated by banks that go beyond ‘skin deep’ personalisation to embed themselves into the daily lives of their customers.
  8. Banking on consumer platforms discusses how banks can step up their expansion beyond bricks-and-mortar by leveraging the strength of consumer platforms such as Facebook, Google or Apple.
  9. A new standard for payments maps the four steps on the journey to the new common global standard for financial messaging ISO 20022.

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