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Innovation for the mid-market – podcast

Innovation for the mid-market – podcast

Jonathan Lavender, Global Chairman of KPMG Enterprise, discusses ways the mid-market can take advantage of and actively seek out innovation, fresh from his participation in the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Jonathan Lavender

Global Chairman, KPMG Enterprise & Co-Chair Global KPMG Enterprise Family Business

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"Davos discusses global issues, but there was a lot of talk about connecting larger companies with smaller organisations, because a great deal of innovation occurs in the mid-market sector."

"Some mid-market companies around the world have under-invested in IT. However, it is now much more affordable so smaller organisations can keep up and become more competitive."

"Actively seek out opportunities. AI can help and I believe the new technology will assist, not replace existing work."

"In Australia, I see a vibrant eco-system, with mid-market companies displaying an open mind and investing in technology."

Jonathan Lavender
Global Chairman, KPMG Enterprise

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