Mutuals Newsletter: February 2019 - KPMG Australia
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Mutuals Newsletter: February 2019

Mutuals Newsletter: February 2019

The world of financial services is ever-evolving. In this newsletter, we provide insight into the challenges and opportunities facing Australia's mutual banks, building societies and credit unions.


National Sector Leader, Mutual Banks

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In this issue, we focus on three current topics:

  • The Royal Commission Final Report: Following the release of the Final Report, we have summarised the themes that may have a direct impact on the banking and mutuals sector.
  • Mutual Entity Bill: The Mutual Entity Bill is an important step towards enabling Mutuals to access new sources of capital. This will ultimately assist the sector with further promoting growth and innovation in a highly competitive financial services market.
  • CPS 234: Information Security: APRA has finalised and released a cross-industry framework for the management of information security in CPS 234: Information Security, which sets out mandatory requirements for information security management for APRA regulated entities.

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