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Australia’s future transport and mobility

Australia’s future transport and mobility

As the world of transport changes, how can governments respond to ensure a safe and timely transition?


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Transport in transition

New transport technologies such as autonomous vehicles (AVs), and drone taxis are coming, and have the potential to transform our cities and lives in the decades to come. Electric vehicles (EVs) are already here, and their adoption is expected to grow in the years ahead. Other zero emission vehicles such as those using hydrogen fuel cells are also being developed and trialled.

As the train and internal combustion engine changed the course of history – this next transport revolution will have far reaching implications for our economy and society.

Going mobile

These new transport technologies, combined with shifting consumer trends are enabling the growth of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Consumers are choosing a mix of public transport, ride sharing and traditional modes to get from A to B. 

This shift is bringing opportunities and challenges for governments as they reimagine transport for an on-demand and digital world.

Policy priorities

In this report, we explore progress to date in Australia and outline KPMG’s views on the policy implications for a range of issues including energy markets, transport networks, community engagement and infrastructure planning.

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