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KPMG Enterprise Business of Family Master Class Series

KPMG Enterprise Business of Family Master Class Series

Build the skills to balance the needs of your family and your business in KPMG Enterprise's Business of Family Master Classes in 2019.

Get the balance right in your family business in our Business of Family Master Classes.

Your business has needs and goals, but so does your family. Getting the balance right between the two can be difficult.

The KPMG Enterprise report, Balance for success – 2018 Family Business Survey uncovered that issues such as poor communication, differing generational views, and unclear succession pathways are undermining the potential of family business success.

Sometimes you need to step back and reassess all components objectively, to make sure you’re set up for sustainability. With a clear vision and goals, a shared passion, and careful planning, a sustainable future can be achieved.

To help you along the way, we’ve developed a tailored training program, KPMG Enterprise Business of Family Master Class Series.

Across five focused modules we’ll dive into:

  • Balancing a family and a business: Learn why balancing a family’s emotional ties and the business’ financial performance is key to success.
  • The importance of good governance: How to build business and family governance structures for a sustainable future.
  • Empowering each generation: Harnessing the optimism of future leaders while embracing the wisdom of current leaders, with communication at the core.
  • Transition of leadership and ownership: Key strategies for the successful succession of the business.
  • Future performance and technology: Equipping the business to compete in future markets through the implementation of technology.

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