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Optimising asset management end-to-end

Optimising asset management end-to-end

Organisations across many sectors face the challenge of maximising value out of their assets, so an integrated approach is vital for success.


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Optimising asset management end-to-end

Across asset intensive and infrastructure sectors we observe an increased number of clients facing challenges in managing and maximising the value from their assets.

The challenges that owners are facing – from making their investment decisions to selling/disposing their assets – have a compounding (deteriorating) impact on the asset management activities across all the organisation's functions both for finance and asset management. In addition, sub-optimal asset data and deteriorating information over time are impacting the ability to make informed decisions, and to extract the maximum value from assets.

This report will:

  • provide a better understanding of key opportunities to maximise value for asset intensive owners and managers (super funds, government and corporates)
  • outline potential factors and opportunities for increasing productivity and savings
  • highlight how value can be created from managing assets in an effective and integrated manner across functions and activities such as asset management, valuation, financial functions and project risk management along the asset and financial lifecycle.

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