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Digital transformation for local councils – podcast

Digital transformation for local councils – podcast

Nine out of ten Australians live in a town or city, serviced by local councils which have traditionally supplied services, infrastructure and resources. But today councils are also facing the demands of accomplishing more with fewer resources, maximising efficiencies and cost-savings and responding to citizens who are increasingly sophisticated and digitally-savvy.

Toni Jones

Partner, Management Consulting, KPMG Enterprise, Local Government Leader

KPMG Australia


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"The best outcomes occur when councils address their foundations first, starting at the back end and then moving out towards customer-visible outcomes, but they need to ensure citizens are not forgotten - a difficult balancing act."

"80 percent of transformations are common to local government - but it's in the 20 percent where differences occur and where councils can show residents why they should be attracted to their muncipality."

– Toni Jones
Partner, KPMG Enterprise, Local Government Lead, KPMG


"When transformation is holistic, that's a shift in council DNA. It's a myth that council workers don't want change. Most are very keen to improve, modernise, digitise, and there's an expectation that this will occur."

"Today, the concept of the Smart City means using technology and data to give better insights that allow for efficiencies, mobility, sustainability and liveability that put the customer at the centre."

– Paul Francis
Director, Internet of Things and Smart Cities Lead, KPMG

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