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Improving tax functions via hackathons

Improving tax functions via hackathons

KPMG’s Stephen Hanson, Kimberly Schreiber and Alex Vorperian explain what a hackathon is and why it could be just what your tax function needs.


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What is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a creative event hosted over the space of 24 to 72 hours, where small teams of diverse people come together to collaborate, design, rapidly build and demo new products and solutions. A Hackathon gives people the chance to:

  • develop new ideas
  • think of the obscure yet obtainable
  • solve business problems
  • come together in a fun, creative and collaborative environment.

A Hackathon empowers representatives from all over the organisation to be part of the journey which creates a business culture of innovation. Such an event can bring out creative, daring and innovative solutions which could have not been reached otherwise.

How can a Hackathon help the tax function?

1. Optimising tax processes

Processes in the tax function can be time-consuming, complex and lack accountability and visibility of who owns what process and where information is stored. Using a Hackathon a business can empower its teams to come up with new and innovative ways to optimise its process. Business can source people from different departments to have experts in all fields help create a solution that will have both expertise and diverse people behind it.

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