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Me, my life, my wallet

Me, my life, my wallet (Edition 2)

In the second edition of Me, my life, my wallet, we’ve gone deeper and further in our continuing exploration of the multidimensional customer.

Paul Howes

National Managing Partner, KPMG Enterprise

KPMG Australia


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Customer Insights

In the second edition of Me, my life, my wallet, we’ve continued our exploration of the multidimensional customer – what’s truly driving behaviour and choices, and how this is set to change as the customer of tomorrow emerges. We’ve built on our first edition’s unique and multi-layered research methodology, drawing on new insight from across the KPMG network and extending our primary research, surveying more than 25,000 consumers.

The detailed research explores six key themes of critical importance to organisations and institutions around the world

  • trust
  • data
  • wealth (and retirement)
  • generational surfing
  • customers of the future
  • the B2B customer.

Key findings

  • 47 percent of consumers worldwide feel more anxious than they did in 2017.
  • 2 out of 3 consumers are interested in new technology such as AI, machine and voice learning – yet 81 percent don’t trust behaviourally tracked ads.
  • 30 percent of consumers worldwide say they intentionally disconnect from technology because they need a break.
  • Over half of consumers globally worry about identity theft.
  • 60 percent of consumers trust healthcare providers overall, but only 26 percent have confidence in the advertising industry.

The Five Mys

Through a multi-dimensional lens called the ‘Five Mys’, businesses gain access to predictive insights that navigate the complexity of consumer decision making. The Five Mys include:

  • My Motivation
  • My Attention
  • My Connection
  • My Watch
  • My Wallet.

Each of the Five Mys in isolation tells only part of the story: together they provide companies with a clear picture of the collective influences on today’s consumer and how those affect decisions, preferences, choices and spending.

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