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IoT Innovation Expo: Smart Food & Fibre, Melbourne

IoT Innovation Expo: Smart Food & Fibre, Melbourne

KPMG’s IoT Innovation Expo showcased a range of innovative IoT and AgTech solutions being applied to solve real-world problems in the food and agribusiness sector. Piers Hogarth-Scott, KPMG Australia's National IoT Practice Leader, interviewed exhibitors and presenters at the Expo about the strategic opportunities available to use IoT to address food and fibre challenges.


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The Internet of Things (IoT) landscape continues to evolve at pace, unlocking opportunities to drive operational efficiency, automate processes, digitise the supply chain and deliver economic outcomes across multiple domains including ‘smart’ food and agribusiness. This emerging IoT technology ecosystem is both complex and fast-moving. Understanding the players and the relevant offerings in the market can prove challenging.

To help de-mystify this challenge, KPMG hosted an IoT Innovation Expo in our Melbourne office that was sponsored by Food Agility CRC and featured 21 exhibitors focussed on ‘smart’ food and fibre and an opening Ministerial Keynote by The Hon. Peter Walsh MP, Leader of The Nationals VIC and Shadow Minister for Agriculture, along with presentations from a number of industry leaders.

Overall, the event was designed to help accelerate the adoption of IoT by connecting the demand and supply ecosystem together to help shape new opportunities, foster best practice, increase confidence and propel the market.

In this video Piers Hogarth-Scott speaks to presenters and exhibitors about the range of IoT and AgTech innovations showcased which provided attendees the opportunity to go ‘hands-on’ to see real-life solutions in action. These emerging and established solution providers form an important part of the rich ecosystem enabling Australia to tap into the economic opportunity presented by IoT.

Let’s see what participants had to say.

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