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Demystifying machine learning for tax

Demystifying machine learning for tax

KPMG’s Tony O’Reilly, Barry Sullivan and Peter Xing explain what data automation and machine learning could mean to the future of your business’s tax function.


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Artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation, machine learning, cognitive computing – we hear these buzzwords everywhere now, but what does it all mean for tax professionals? Who cares if Watson can beat the best of us at Jeopardy!? Or that AlphaGo can do the same with Go? Will someone please just do my taxes for me?

As a tax technology professionals, over the past few years we have seen the deluge of marketing (of which some we are guilty of) from the likes of consulting firms, software vendors and the ‘futurists’ out there – all preaching an inevitable rise of the robots, who could automate everything, including the tax function.

However, after trialling solution after solution, over time, the disillusionment has been… sobering. 

Here we discuss some of the results, perhaps demonstrating AI for tax can move your business from disillusionment to a slope of enlightenment.

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