Rocco's Story – working at KPMG with vision impairment - KPMG Australia
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Rocco's Story – working at KPMG with a visual impairment

Rocco's Story – working at KPMG with vision impairment

Rocco works in the KPMG and Microsoft Solutions team as a pre sales consultant. This video explains his story and life working at KPMG with a visual impairment. Rocco talks about his role and how he works with our clients, his work life balance and how he gets around the office.


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Our Inclusion & Diversity Strategy sits as an integral part of the overall firm strategy and articulates KPMG’s commitment towards a culture of inclusion and diversity. It is not only connected to the sustainability and profitability of the Firm, but also to the quality of relationships between its people, clients and solutions.

Rocco Cutri works in Technology Enablement within our Management Consulting Team. Rocco has been blind for 4 and a half years.

In this video Rocco talks about:

  • working in an agile work environment and his flexible work/life balance.
  • his role in pre sales and working with clients.
  • his input into the solutions KPMG are developing.
  • advice to others with disabilities and the importance of learning about assistive technologies.

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