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Reimagining tertiary education – podcast

Reimagining tertiary education – podcast

KPMG has ignited the debate around the future of Australia's tertiary education sector with a series of recommendations on what a future ecosystem of education and training could look like, and how we might get there.

Stephen Parker, AO

National Sector Leader, Education

KPMG Australia


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"This report tapped several nerves - frustration at lack of Government co-operation; frustration at skills shortages and the lower status of vocational institutions; and concern over the over-supply of university graduates."

"Disruption is heading towards the tertiary education space, as it is in every other work environment - Australia isn’t ready. We need a bi-partisan spirit amongst the political parties to create an integrated tertiary education sector."

"We need to tighten regulation and quality control for vocational institutions."

"There needs to be an incentive for universties to provide teaching excellence as well as provide incentives for research."

Professor Stephen Parker AO

National Sector Leader, Education

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