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Customer Experience Excellence Report 2018: Australia

Customer Experience Excellence Report 2018: Australia

Find out what customers value most from their experiences and what you can do next to deliver it.


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Since 2010, KPMG’s Customer Experience Excellence Centre has been evaluating consumers’ appreciation of the experiences they receive from brands across a range of sectors. With more than 2 million consumer reviews, these reports are amongst the most extensive in the world in understanding consumer preferences and future trends in customer experience in both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) environments.

While prior Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) reports have been limited to a few markets, the scope of the 2018 report has been extended to 14 countries with 54,231 respondents providing input on their experiences with over 1,400 brands. Included are 2,502 Australian consumers who were asked to rate the brand performance of 120 brands, across 9 sectors. The respondents surveyed had interactions with these brands in the 6 months prior to the survey1 taking place.

The Six Pillars of Customer Experience Excellence

The Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) rankings are determined by the survey scores across Six Pillars – Personalisation, Integrity, Expectations, Time and Effort, Resolution, and Empathy. The overall CEE score is derived via a weighted average of the brand score for each pillar. Respondents also provided input on Advocacy, Loyalty and Value for Money.

  1. The survey was conducted online in November 2017. In order to be included in the final rankings for each country, each brand must have achieved a minimum of 100 consumer responses.

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