Enterprise Growth 2.0

Enterprise Growth 2.0

Growth 2.0 by Fairfax Media and KPMG Enterprise examines the digital economy opportunities and challenges for Australia’s mid-market enterprises.

Growth 2.0 by Fairfax Media and KPMG Enterprise champions Australia’s mid-market issues.

Fairfax Media and KPMG Enterprise present Growth 2.0

Australia’s mid-market is often referred to as the “engine room of the nation’s economy”, employing nearly a quarter of all Australians and responsible for almost 40 percent of Australia’s business revenue. Growth 2.0 from Fairfax Media and KPMG Enterprise, explores the issues that mid-market is facing today, in a time of unprecedented change as the twin forces of digital disruption and globalisation continue to present new challenges and opportunities.

Topics explored in the series

  • Part 1 – Driving the nation’s economic future: A research study undertaken by Fairfax Media and KPMG Enterprise uncovers a segment that is broadly optimistic about growth, and with a positive, nimble attitude to thrive in a disruptive and sometimes uncertain landscape.
  • Part 2 – Gearing up for the digital future: We explore how digital technology reshaping business, but also presenting it with a number of ethical dilemmas and security issues it has never confronted before.
  • Part 3 – Regulating for growth: While Australia’s relatively strong regulatory environment can be seen as an advantage for exporters, local mid-sized business remains more concerned about the associated risks than their global counterparts. So how can we get the regulatory balance right?

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