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The Next 5 Years: Budget 2018 review

The Next 5 Years: Budget 2018 review

The 2018-2019 Federal Budget announced on Tuesday 8 May could set the national agenda for years to come. Should we be paying back debt or investing in the future? We ask the experts what it means for business.


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Surging job growth, continued trade with China, and rising commodity prices have all combined to deliver windfall revenue into the government’s coffers.

Some is being given back by way of tax cuts. There is a contribution to reducing debt. There is more spending on targeted groups like “the aged.” And there is a series of initiatives that seem to be 'nation building' in their intent.

Is this the right plan? Do we have our priorities right?

This episode of Sky News Business – The Next 5 Years with Bernard Salt discusses the Federal Budget 2018 and where Australia is headed over the next five years. Panel guests include Danielle Wood, Budget Policy and Institutional Reform Program Director, Grattan Institute, Simon Cowan, Research Manager & Target30 Director, The Centre for Independent Studies and Grant Wardell-Johnson, Lead, KPMG Economics and Tax Centre.

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