Foundations for sustainable Smart Cities

Foundations for sustainable Smart Cities

KPMG explores the core components of Smart Cities, providing insights to help unlock and sustain the significant benefits.

Insights to help unlock and sustain the significant benefits of Smart City initiatives.

At KPMG, we are passionate about the Smart Cities movement, which is gaining momentum not only across Australia but all around the globe. We believe that embracing citizen-centric Smart City thinking can help address many of the challenges associated with spiraling urban growth, and unlock opportunities for cities and regions to build more liveable, sustainable, efficient and flourishing communities.

Cities are, by their very nature, complex ecosystems and it’s essential therefore when considering Smart City initiatives to establish a robust foundation upon which to build scalable and sustainable programs. Shown here are some of those key Smart City foundations, and whilst it’s not possible to address all of them immediately, they do provide a useful structure within which to plan, execute and learn.

To further help de-mystify the complexities of the Smart City space, KPMG is producing a series of thought leadership articles. KPMG explores many of the core components of a Smart City, providing insights and tips to help unlock the economic, social and environmental benefits that we firmly believe Smart Cities can bring. While each individual Smart City journey will be somewhat unique, we hope that you will find value in this sharing of best practice and lessons learned from around the Smart City world.

Download the Smart Cities infographic (PDF 2.2MB)

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