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Harnessing the power of innovation for the mid-market – podcast

The power of innovation for mid-market – podcast

Israel is the second most innovative nation in the world, spearheading new developments in industries such as AI, cyber security and data analytics. In this podcast, we speak to Jonathan Lavender, Global Chairman, KPMG Enterprise and Avi Biran, CEO Cyber Odysseys, about Israeli business innovation and disruption and share key learnings for Australian mid-market enterprises.

Jonathan Lavender

Partner, Global Head of KPMG Private Enterprise and Head of Markets

KPMG International


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“Israel is at the forefront of innovation and has benefited from support from the defence force, government and universities, who all value and invest in the startup eco system.”

“Failure is not viewed as a negative but as an essential prelude to eventual success.”

“Education is essential to ensure the mid-market is cyber security ready. This is important as hackers target the mid market first.”

“Family businesses fuel innovation and efficiency to counteract disruption.”

Jonathan Lavender
Global Chairman, KPMG Enterprise
Co-Chair Global KPMG Enterprise Family Business

KPMG Enterprise in Australia Business Insights – Podcast series

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