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Future of retail in Australia

Future of retail in Australia

The future of the retail industry is shaped by disruptive forces such as changing spending patterns of the Australian consumer as well as the arrival of overseas companies who bring with them a whole new approach to retailing.


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The retail industry in Australia is facing disruption. Overseas businesses have entered the market and are bringing with them new approach to retailing. Not only has the retail landscape changed, so too has the consumer. Consumers are more tech savvy, affluent and busier than ever. Their expectations are evolving and technology is changing their behaviour.

The future of the Australian retail industry requires an agility and multiplicity of delivery platforms than can leave non-responsive retailers behind.

This topic was debated on Sky News Business – The Next 5 Years with Bernard Salt and Erica Berchtold, Managing Director, Rebel Sports. Erica, regarded as a leader at the forefront of the changing retail landscape in Australia discussed the 'reimagining' of Rebel Sports in the last 12 months to better respond to consumers’ requirements.

A panel discussion with guests Jeremy Nicholas, Executive Director of Marketing at Telstra and Ronan Gilhawley, National Head of Retail, KPMG also explored:

  • the biggest challenges facing Australian retailers over the next 5 years
  • what management need to be doing to future proof their business in light of competition
  • evolving expectations and behaviours of the Australian consumer
  • the latest technology innovations retailers are adopting
  • emerging successful new retail businesses in Australia and overseas
  • what the Australian retail landscape will look like in 2023.

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