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IoT Innovation Network Interview: IoTAA Showcase – Sydney Fish Market

IoT Interview: IoTAA Showcase – Sydney Fish Market

Piers Hogarth-Scott, KPMG Australia’s National IoT Practice Leader, interviews established and emerging players drawn from the IoT ecosystem with the aim of engaging, challenging and probing discussion with the true innovators of IoT in Australia.

Piers Hogarth-Scott

Partner, KPMG Digital Delta and National Leader, Internet of Things

KPMG Australia


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With more than 3 million visitors annually, efficient and effective waste management is vital to the iconic tourist destination. As part of the IoTAA showcase, KPMG worked collaboratively with a consortium of players including Food Agility CRC, Meshed, Solar Bins Australia, Microsoft and Commonwealth Bank of Australia to implement an IoT smart waste management system to drive operational efficiency and increase customer experience. Let’s find out more.


Bryan Skepper, General Manager, Sydney Fish Market:
“The IoT solution that we have tried to solve here came about through doing a bit of workshop on how do we improve the customer experience. You can imagine with three million visitors coming to a very busy, crowded site, waste management is a challenge. So we were looking at it and thought how can we monitor the waste loads on the site, in the bins and so on, because we have a system whereby we have cleaners operating, emptying bins on schedules, and sometimes they empty them early and sometimes they empty them late.

How can we create an experiment really, to see how we could improve the customer experience? So we settled on the idea of a monitoring system where we can manage the waste in the bins, how quickly they fill, and map it against weather conditions, map it against day of the week, and build a pattern.”

Catherine Caruana-McManus, Director Sales & Strategy, Meshed:
“A great initiative came out of Amsterdam called the Things Network. The Things Network had this vision: what if we could let anybody connect a smart sensor to the internet at no cost? So they launched the Things Network which has gone viral. It is a global open source internet of things data network and that is what we have actually implemented here at the Sydney Fish Market, using the LoRaWAN technology connectivity, with the Things Network, and together that has created the opportunity for us to get data off assets around the precinct.”

Leon Hayes, Found & CEO, Solar Bins Australia:
“The smart sensor smart waste management solution takes sensors which are attached to bins throughout the Sydney Fish Market. From there, these bins take a variety of data sets which it takes from the bin through to our cloud-based platform. So the smart sensor takes a variety of forms of data entry points. The first, by using an ultrasonic sensor, takes the fill level rate of the rubbish that is inside the rubbish bin. The second is the temperature and the ambient temperature inside the rubbish bin, and the third is an accelerometer, so that enables us to know whether that bin has been pushed over or is still currently standing.”

Bryan Skepper, General Manager, Sydney Fish Market:
“There is almost endless opportunity to use this live monitoring of services, energy, water, to improve the level of service delivery to customers. In our case, it is the consumer, but also it is our tenants, our tenants’ staff and our fishermen as well, so it is quite exciting.”

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