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Customer centricity in disability services

Customer centricity in disability services

Liz Forsyth, in conversation with Grame Kelly, CEO of The Tipping Foundation, discusses how disability services providers can become more customer-centric.

Liz Forsyth

Global Chair of Government & Public Sector and Global Lead for Human & Social Services

KPMG Australia


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From operating models, processes and ways of working – organisations will need to rethink their approaches.


"With organisational structures, we often look at a pyramid with leadership at the top but we need to invert it and put the customer first."


Worforce is the key. You need to strip many layers of management out and focus on the front line. You will also need a different type of workforce at the front line. One that understands how to work by principles, not rules, that understands risk management and importantly – how to build rapport and strong relationships.

Find other videos with Liz and Graeme covering the NDIS and innovation on The Tipping Foundation website.

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