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Building a more prosperous Australia in the next 5 years

Building a more prosperous Australia

The question that transfixes every Australian chief executive officer and board is quite simple: how will the next 5 years play out? What will be the consumer trends, the workforce trends, the regulatory trends, and the trading conditions that could impact Australian business?


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Five years ago, we were concerned about our future “beyond the end of the mining boom.” Five years prior to that we were concerned about the effects of the then looming global financial crisis. In the early 2000s we were concerned about skills shortages.

And now here we are, beyond the mining boom, amid an onslaught of digital disruption across several industries, and our current unemployment rate of 5.5 per cent (for January) is less than it was at the turn of the century at 6.6 per cent (for January 2000). We face no shortage of uncertainly looming beyond the horizon including the effects of driverless vehicles, the coming of robotics and of artificial intelligence.

Joined by Graham Bradley AM (Chairman of Infrastructure NSW, of HSBC, of Virgin Australia and of GrainCorp Ltd), Dr Stephanie Fahey (CEO, Austrade) and Grant Wardell-Johnson (Partner, Deals Tax Legal, KPMG), Bernard Salt discusses the future of our nation and of its people over the next 5 years.

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