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Shaping Australia's energy plan for the future

Shaping Australia's energy plan for the future

We are a nation with abundant energy resources, and a nation that struggles with the cost of providing power to its people. Industry players and state and federal governments all doing their part to shape Australia’s energy plan for the next 5 years.


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Energy security and reliability has been at the forefront of the national agenda for more than a year with questions continually being raised about the generation mix, climate change and the impacts of increasing costs to its end consumers. The country has been looking to the government for guidance on how we as a nation can plan a path forward to continued prosperity. The need for a clear energy policy is essential. After much consultation the basic framework has been laid out but the proof is still to come on the success of this plan.

This topic was debated on Sky News Business – The Next 5 Years with Bernard Salt. The episode explored:

  • the National Energy Guarantee with Josh Frydenberg, Minister for the Environment and Energy
  • impacts on energy retailers, large end users operating in an uncertain environment, and the flow on effects to domestic end users and
  • energy policy outlook for 2018 and beyond.

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