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Getting back to business: 2018 mid market priorities – podcast

2018 priorities for mid market – podcast

When KPMG published its report, 'Keeping us up at night: The big issues facing business leaders in 2018' – digital and innovation were at the top of the list. Rob Bazzani, Partner, KPMG Enterprise, discusses these findings and other priorities for the mid market in 2018.

Paul Howes

National Managing Partner, KPMG Enterprise

KPMG Australia


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"Consider how you, your customers and suppliers are innovating and modernising to plan for growth".

"Many of our mid market clients are concerned about energy costs. You may need to change your energy provider or upgrade your machinery to be more energy efficient."

"Our clients are also thinking about succession planning, but not only for a business ready for sale: it’s wrapped up with digital, innovation, capability, fresh thinking."

"The economy is in pretty good shape. This is a great time to start a business. There’s a generation of younger people who are prepared to take risks and start a new venture. That’s motivating!"

Rob Bazzani
KPMG Enterprise

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