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Accelerating university transformation

Accelerating university transformation

As the world of work evolves the higher education sector faces significant disruption. Technology can help universities adapt, cut costs and focus on their core mission but effective change management is the key.


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Adapting for an uncertain future

Universities in Australia and around the globe face an uncertain future. As the world of work evolves, they also face changes to funding, new competitors and rising costs.

University transformation – uncertain future

Universities must adapt, become more agile, re-allocate more resources to teaching and research, and meet changing student needs.

Implemented well, emerging technologies such blockchain, artificial intelligence and process automation can help reduce the levels of university administration, cut costs and improve security and resilience.

This will all help to improve the student experience and allow staff to focus on the institution’s core missions of teaching and research.

Transforming the student experience, teaching and research

Universities of the future will look very different.

From enrolment and support to becoming an alumni, a new breed of cloud-based solutions and the internet of things will transform the student experience.

Teaching will continue to move onto digital platforms that use augmented and virtual reality, and technologies not yet invented. Face-to-face sessions may become special occasions for specific purposes.

Research will also look very different with technology enabling greater collaboration, allowing multi-disciplinary teams to work across borders in order to solve the world's biggest problems.

Transforming the student experience, teaching and research

People first – technology second

But technology is only the enabler. Guiding the change, implementing the solutions and helping people and the organisation adapt is the key. Institutions must embrace change from top to bottom to meet their vision.

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