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Effective asset management

Effective asset management

It is critical to consider all aspects that have a significant impact on asset management including technology, customer needs, workforce safety and culture, finance, planning and operations, regulation and reputation.


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Australia’s population is set to reach 30 million by 2031. This will put pressure on the infrastructure of our cities and regions. Both governments and the private sector must transform the way they manage assets to provide connected and liveable communities and cater for this substantial growth.

  • Funding of our assets must address the new infrastructure requirements but equal priority must be given to keeping our existing assets safe, reliable and sustainable.
  • Federal and state governments will need to make informed decisions on how they build, operate, maintain and retire assets.
  • Asset owners and operators will need to apply sound management practices to attract private sector investment through adequate returns.

KPMG can help you more effectively manage your assets. Through a balancing of cost, risk, and performance we can help realise better financial and customer outcomes and deliver connected and liveable communities.

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