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AFR Future Now Series

AFR Future Now Series

The AFR, in association with KPMG, presents the Future Now series outlining the economic and societal impacts of digital transformation.

The Future Now series explores economic and societal impacts of digital transformation.

In a series of four in-depth publications, KPMG and The Australian Financial Review (AFR) have brought together a range of industry professionals to discuss the key societal and economic impacts of digital transformation, and the steps required to shape the future we want to see for Australia.

Topics explored in the series include:

  • The Future of Work – considers how the workplace is changing in the digital age and delves into the issues confronting companies and the workforce globally including the rise of millennials, technology and globalisation.
  • Innovation Culture – explores how Australian companies are thriving in the digital age by challenging conventions and embracing change.
  • The Future of Education – examines the key steps Australia needs to take to future proof our education system and how we can best equip people with the skills to thrive in the 21st century workforce.
  • The Age of the Customer – in an age where digital technology has placed more power in the hands of the consumer, we examine the changing role of the Chief Marketing Officer and explore how businesses can move beyond the rhetoric of ‘customers centricity’ to truly anticipate customer needs and align their business to deliver optimal customer experience.

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