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Count-down to an Australian Space Agency

Count-down to an Australian Space Agency

Collaboration will be vital to create a new Australian Space Agency and grow our space industry.


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While Australia is relatively late in developing a space agency and strategic plan for its space sector, it certainly comes at a vital time. Advances in technology, tumbling costs and the growth of a new generation of industry disruptors such as SpaceX have made space more accessible. At the same time, the scientific, security and commercial implications for Australia are increasing as our economy and society depend more and more on connectivity.

We are already heavily dependent on space and space-related technologies to maintain our current lifestyles. This dependency will grow at staggering rates as we embrace technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) where an estimated 25Bn devices will be connected by 2020. In addition to IoT, rapid growth in areas such as Positioning, Navigation and Timing technologies, environmental and earth observation and cybersecurity will also place enormous pressure on existing telecommunications infrastructure.

Count-down to collaboration

While a clear strategy, vision and mandate will be vital for the new agency it will be the effective collaboration with industry, academia and governments that will define its long term success.

To ensure our space industry is not only “open for business” but it is nurtured, regulated and managed Government will need effective engagement models so that all sectors and indeed other countries can collaborate in a meaningful way with our Australian space industry.

How can KPMG help?

KPMG has deep industry experience in technology, education, government and aerospace and defence. We have a strong track record in areas including procurement, change management, climate change, safety management and infrastructure delivery which are all relevant to the establishment of the new space agency.

We also have experience in establishing Government Business Enterprises, having most recently provided advice and practical implementation support in respect to the establishment of the Australian Digital Health Agency, Moorebank Intermodal Company and the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund.

In the private sector we provide strategy, supply chain and complex project management advice that will be vital in helping companies take advantage of the lower barriers to market entry into the space industry.

Additional areas of experience include

Government aerospace strategy

KPMG has been engaged by a State Government department to assist in the development of their Aerospace Industry Strategy (including Space). This strategy will Identify and leverage industry strengths and capabilities to promote sustained industry development and enable economic growth.

Middle East SATCOM upgrade

KPMG is providing Project Management Office (PMO) support services for this major technology upgrade. The program provides enhanced satellite based wide area networking and interoperability with other nations. KPMG specialist space trained and engineering qualified personnel developed the high level design and test acceptance criteria.

National Cyber Security strategy

KPMG supported the development of the Federal Government’s 2016 Cyber Security Strategy. Australia’s future cyber security requirements will heavily depend upon space technology and satellites, which are a mission-critical part of our communication, transport and infrastructure sectors.

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