The age of the customer

The age of the customer

With customers firmly in control, organisations must not only meet their rapidly changing expectations to survive, but pre-empt their every need.

With customers in control, organisations must pre-empt their expectations to survive.

In the age of the customer, the organisations that not only meet rapidly changing customer expectations, but are in a position to pre-empt their every need, will be the ones equipped to survive.

Technology, automation and globalisation are dramatically changing the demands that customers have of organisations, and the products and services that they deliver. Customers are comparing service levels across industries, and as a result expect the highest standards of personalisation, choice, speed of delivery and quality in every interaction.

Customer centricity will fuel loyalty – the opposite will see people promptly take their business elsewhere. To be on the front foot, organisations must align every operation behind a customer centric vision.

This series explores what customer centricity requires, such as innately understanding the customer through deep data research; innovating products and services that anticipate their needs; ensuring the right digital and social media environment for engagement; and instilling an ideal company culture to ensure everyone is ready for the change. We also look at the importance of the CMO’s role, and how specific industries such as banking and superannuation are under particular pressure to move now – or be left behind.

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