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A Western Sydney Fresh Food Precinct: Think big, think fresh

A Western Sydney Fresh Food Precinct

A vision to create a seamless and world-leading Fresh Food Precinct in close proximity to Western Sydney Airport with the potential to create 12,000 jobs.


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Man holding a lettuce and using a digital tablet inside a greenhouse

The growth in volume and value of global food production is an undeniable mega-trend. Australia and Greater Western Sydney are well placed to play a key role in the supply of high quality, value-added fresh food to both local and international consumers.

KPMG and NSW Farmers have conducted an analysis of the potential for the development of a world-leading Fresh Food Precinct (FFP) as part of a future Western Sydney Airport (WSA). Our research has found that growing demand for fresh Australian food highlights an exciting future for the sector, including the production and processing of food for Australian retail, and for direct export to international markets via air freight.

What is the proposed FFP?

The FFP would be an area of land of up to 500 hectares in close proximity to the proposed WSA that is carefully designed to integrate high value food production with the best in food processing technology. The FFP will also integrate with other regional farming and food processing assets. The FFP zone will comply with the necessary regulations of key export market destinations so that food processed in the FFP can be quickly cleared for export via air freight with digital certification.

A new business model for food production

New farm business models will reduce the risk of climate and market volatility, which is necessary to attract investment and to increase returns. Australia has the potential for highly efficient cross-border zones based on digital platforms (such as blockchain) that will enable fast and efficient trade of food and fibre.

The vision for a 21st century food production ecosystem

A Western Sydney Fresh Food Precinct – infographic

The role of Government

Government leadership is essential to attract the large scale, long-term investment into infrastructure, connectivity, jobs and businesses that create a food and agribusiness precinct capable of delivering globally at scale.

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