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Smart cities: Making the City of Adelaide more competitive and liveable

Smart cities: Making Adelaide more competitive

In this video interview, The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Martin Haese discusses how the City of Adelaide is using technology as a key enabler of its four point plan to become a smart, green, liveable and creative city.


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Local governments and the wider public sector are embracing the smart cities and communities movement to deliver real outcomes for their citizens.

“The important part of driving a strong technology agenda is to actually manage the public conversation. An important part is to have it as a very benefits based conversation. When talking to a commercial or residential rate payer – what’s in it for them? How’s it going to make their life better?”

The power of data infrastructure to enable more prosperous and resilient communities.

“Our keystone project is a ten gigabit data network for the City of Adelaide. We actually view that as infrastructure, as infrastructure that will make Adelaide more competitive.”

“Whether that is a carbon reduction discussion, a traffic management or water or energy management discussion - data and foundational infrastructure like data networks are extremely important. So there’s strong link between being a smart city and being a green city.”

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