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Smart cities: Local government can seize the opportunity

Smart cities: The local government opportunity

In this video interview, Adam Beck, Smart Cities Council, ANZ discusses how local governments can seize the opportunity of the smart cities movement.


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Local governments and the wider public sector are embracing the smart cities and communities movement to deliver real outcomes for their citizens.

A good time for local government

“It’s an important time in Australia for local government around the smart cities agenda. Australia has the benefit of a national smart cities plan which provides some good context froma policy perspective but also funding. We’re in a very beneficial position as three other major regions around the work have already gone down this path.”


“There are some strong formalised and peer to peer networks. For example Adelaide has MOUs with cities in India, US and Europe.”

“Over time as more and more organisation help provide the infrastructure for peer to peer networking and sharing we’ll be in better place.”

Not technology-led

“I have seen it be the biggest barrier. Where the tech focus, tech-led approach and mind set is embraced it becomes a risk and cost exercise.”

“I’m seeing some good technology enabled projects, Adelaide is a classic, the Gig City project is not about tech, it’s about jobs, it’s about brand it’s about competitive advantage.”

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