National Ag Day 2017 | KPMG | AU
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National Ag Day 2017: An exciting year ahead

National Ag Day 2017

On this inaugural National Ag Day, 21 November 2017, Ben van Delden shares his views on the opportunities and challenges for the agribusiness sector and AgTech for the year ahead.


Head of Markets and Agri-Food Tech Sector Leader

KPMG Australia


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Key highlights we’ll see in the year ahead

  • A significant increase in digitisation across supply chains.
  • An increase in the number of startups and the number of accelerators that are focusing on ‘agri’ food tech in Australia.
  • More capital interest from abroad and the rise of Blockchain enabled integrated supply chains.
  • The need to address challenges around data privacy, interoperability of both technology and datasets and value creation from data. 
  • A far greater intimacy between consumer knowledge of how we farm and produce food and what is taking place in supply chains.

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