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Life sciences workforce of the future immersive workshop

Life sciences workforce of the future workshop

Major changes are occurring globally across all aspects of technology and society – digital disruption is rapidly growing and there is increasing competition; consumers’ needs and expectations continue to change, as are career aspirations.



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This dynamic landscape means that the configuration of the workforce of today will continue to evolve and develop over the next decade. It is vital for companies to critically engage with this reality.

Key challenges facing life sciences

  1. Growing healthcare expenditure will continue to put pressure on product pricing in life sciences, and create a shift in the decision making of healthcare organisations who demand stronger commercial outcomes.
  2. Continued advances in medical technology will lead to better, more personalised care solutions. These solutions are far more sophisticated in application and higher in cost, with reimbursement based on outcomes.
  3. The workforce of the future will need deep specialisation in pure sciences and other functional areas. Further, an increasing number of roles will demand cross-functional expertise, commercial acumen and application of technology.

Life sciences will need to respond to the transformation of the sales model from supply-side product push to demand-led self-selection, moving away from legacy ‘pre-Internet’ operating models. This will drive the creation of new techno-commercial and specialist roles at the intersection of the two disciplines — medicine and technology.

Immersive Workshop – 1 hour

KPMG has undertaken in-depth research to understand the future trends that will shape and drive the workforce of tomorrow.

In this workshop, we will explore four key trends that will affect and impact the design, performance, and nature of your future workforce.

Four trends that will affect a future workforce in life sciences

Designed for senior and middle managers, KPMG experts will bring an immersive 1-hour workshop to your office to provide insights on the future life sciences workforce and facilitate a discussion on how it might impact your organisation.

It is intended that the workshop will stimulate discussion to support an understanding of how your organisation may start to respond to the changing nature of work and begin the journey to planning for your workforce of the future.

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Contact us to design an immersive workshop held at your office and tailored for your senior and middle management to explore the future trends that will shape and drive your organisation's workforce of tomorrow.

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