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Industry 4.0 explained

Industry 4.0 explained

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Industry 4.0. But there’s not nearly enough bold action. It’s time for a step change.


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Industry 4.0 (i4.0) technologies are rapidly disrupting business models. Watch the following animated video to understand the value and urgency of i4.0 and why manufacturing leaders need to take action now to gain competitive advantage in the future.

What are current i4.0 leaders doing?

  • Planning ahead with clear strategic vision driven by performance
  • Investing in opportunities for growth, progress and innovation
  • Focussed on discovering and developing smart products and processes
  • Moving away from silo driven development which limit scope and value of new projects
  • Moving towards large-scale and proactive integration across their enterprise and among their customer supply base and products
  • Nurturing innovation and looking for opportunity in every element of the value chain.

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