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2017 Fintech 100 – Leading Global Fintech Innovators

Fintech 100 Leading Global Innovators – 2017

KPMG and fintech investment firm, H2 Ventures present the ‘Top 50’ fintech firms around the globe and the ‘Emerging 50’ companies that are at the forefront of innovative technologies and practices.


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Presenting the world's leading Fintech innovators for 2017

The 2017 Fintech 100 demonstrates the acceleration of the disruption taking place in the global financial services industry, with more capital being invested around the world in startups and established ventures that are creating new financial products and solutions.

The Fintech100 identifies the ‘Top 50’ fintech firms around the globe, which are ranked based on innovation, capital raising activity, size and countries; and the ‘Emerging 50’, companies that are at the forefront of innovative technologies and practices, seeking to boldly push the envelope in financial services.

While China fintech continues to dominate with first, second and third place held by Chinese tech firms, global adoption of fintech innovation continues to accelerate, with 29 different countries represented, up from 22 countries in 2016. This year, we see the financial services industry becoming an interconnected ecosystem, with innovators working with global financial institutions.

Australia has once again demonstrated its strong fintech credentials with 10 Australian fintechs appearing on the list. Three Australian companies made the ‘Top 50’ and seven Australian fintechs are represented on the ‘Emerging 50’. 

Geographic representation of the Fintech 100

Key highlights

  1. China, China, China – First, second and third place on this year’s Fintech 100 are occupied by Chinese fintech firms – continuing a trend several years in the making and highlighting the extraordinary rise of fintech in China.
  2. Aggregate capital raised remains significant – The ‘Top 50’ companies have raised US$4.8 billion in the last year alone and over US$27 billion in aggregate capital over their lifetimes. Within the ‘Emerging 50’, over US$600 million has being raised in the last year and just over US$1 billion has been raised in total (since founding).
  3. Major funding rounds dominate investment – Twelve companies on the Fintech100 have raiaed over US$100 million, notably ZhongAn’s US$1.5 billion raise in conjunction with its recent IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
  4. Geographic diversification – The 2017 list includes a broad range of fintech companies from 29 different countries, with companies from Korea, Mexico and Poland included for the first time. It is clear that no one nation or region ‘owns’ innovation – fintech is a global phenomenon.
  5. UK and EMEA dominate the ‘Emerging 50’ – 26 companies from the UK & EMEA are listed on the ‘Emerging 50’ list, compared to 10 in the Americas, and 14 in Asia (including Australia and New Zealand).
  6. Asia Pacific is on the rise – 30 companies from the region feature on the list, with many in the ‘Emerging 50’, including 10 companies from Australia.
  7. Lending holds the fort – The number of lending-related businesses continues to stand out this year. Disruption in lending continues to be a focus given the size and profitability of the segment and is expected to drive further innovation.
  8. Data is the core of fintech business models – Data is the lifeblood of any financial institution, and will be a critical foundation for the successful adoption of any advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.
  9. ‘Disruptors’ continue to stand out – Disruptive fintech continue to dominate the ‘Top 50’ – companies who are radically changing their industry paradigm for all players and competing directly with financial institutions. However, the importance of enablers remains steady, with 27 of these companies represented.
  10. Open banking around the world – Increasingly, enablers adopting plug-and-play models for banks and financial institutions, with open banking regulation seen as a major catalyst for this change. This year, 15 companies on the list seek to be a part of this solution.

About the report

The Fintech 100 were selected following extensive global research and analysis based on data relating to five factors:

  • total capital raised
  • rate of capital raising
  • geographic and sector diversity
  • consumer and marketplace traction
  • X-factor (degree of product, service and business model innovation) – a subjective measure that is applied only with respect to companies appearing on the ‘Emerging 50 Stars’ list.

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