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IoT Innovation Network Interview: Dale Rankine, CEO, Reekoh

IoT Interview: Dale Rankine, CEO, Reekoh

Piers Hogarth-Scott, KPMG Australia’s National IoT Practice Leader, interviews established and emerging players drawn from the IoT ecosystem, with the aim of engaging, challenging and probing discussion with the true innovators of IoT in Australia.

Piers Hogarth-Scott

Partner, KPMG Digital Delta and National Leader, Internet of Things

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Dale Rankine, CEO of Australian IoT startup Reekoh speaks to Piers Hogarth-Scott, KPMG’s IoT National Practice Leader, about Reekoh’s IoT integration platform. Dale explains how the company’s approach is reducing complexity around integration, truly unlocking the value of data, and allowing customers to get to market a lot faster.

Let’s hear what Dale has to say.

“Reekoh is an IoT integration platform. So in the same way that platforms for cloud have been around for a number of years that have been designed for plugging systems together, we take that same integration approach and apply it directly to IoT. The platform is geared towards a model around plug-ins. Plug-ins are modular integrations for us. Nothing new for people who have been involved in cloud systems before in the API economy.

In the same way that APIs have been designed to get interoperability between cloud systems, we have applied that same thinking towards IoT. So everything from devices, protocols, networks, security – all the fragmentation that exists in an IoT solution, before it even gets to a back-end system, we take that integration approach and apply it to all of those pieces so that the complexity around that integration is reduced, so you can get to market a lot faster.

The problem that Reekoh is solving really is a pain point that for many organisations and enterprise customers, they are just at the tipping point of starting to experience. They’re experiencing the pain now that they have introduced siloed or verticalised solutions into IoT, and they want to now start seeing data from those solutions talking to other solutions, or talking to existing business systems and processes that they have internally.

So the pain point for them is often these applications and verticalised solutions are designed to do one thing and do it really well. They need that data though to be able to move through the organisation and move into other areas and other applications where the value of that data can be truly unlocked. So the pain then comes from trying to navigate how that integration happens.

Reekoh is growing really quickly at the moment. We have a very strong channel sales focus as well as selling directly to customers. Many of our partnerships that have been establishing themselves over the last few months are now getting to execution point. We are working with companies like Microsoft and Equinix and a number of players within the hardware space and the network space. So that’s exciting to see where that’s growing, and I think we are going to see more of that type of relevance for us within the ecosystem and hopefully that equals some good growth for us as well.”

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