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First aid supplier Uneedit Supplies overhauls IT infrastructure

Uneedit Supplies overhauls IT infrastructure

KPMG help Uneedit Supplies improve their IT infrastructure, after they experienced unreliability and support issues.


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Uneedit Supplies has been a family owned business since 1934. They are a major supplier of first aid kits and first aid training to businesses across Australia. Now in the hands of a third generation of family owners, the company employs 38 staff across Australia. Their head office and warehouse is in Sydney with sales branches in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Newcastle.

Before Uneedit Supplies became a KPMG customer in 1999, they suffered from hardware unreliability and support issues. Their small business server was not up to their increasing demands and network issues were impacting their daily routine and their support company was struggling to service their needs. The company faced security issues with their website being hacked. Lengthy resolutions became the norm which created a lot of down time.

“Even printing would cause the network to stop working until the job had finished,” says Stuart McClelland, General Manager. “There were times when there would be nothing that the staff could do but sit and wait.

The solution: KPMG provide Uneedit’s networking infrastructure solution.

Client results

  1. Faster issue resolution: KPMG provides engineers for support and resolves issues more promptly than before.
  2. Money saved: through better investment in the correct hardware, Stuart found that Uneedit Supplies had previously outlaid a lot of money for hardware that although cheaper, would not fulfill their needs. “KPMG gets it right the first time which means that it’s more economical in the long run.”
  3. Improved security: since using KPMG for infrastructure maintenance, Uneedit Supplies’ network security has improved with no additional breaches reported. “Our whole infrastructure implementation is monitored,” says Stuart. “That’s what I like. If I forget to back up the system one day I’ll get a phone call to remind me every time.”

The project

Uneedit Supplies chose KPMG because they presented and delivered a well written project plan and came with excellent customer references. “We needed a provider that knew what they were doing. After seeing that they had done it before we felt comfortable that they could help us. They have delivered,” says Stuart. “I have no hesitation in recommending KPMG for any part of their IT requirements. The infrastructure solution we have in place I can’t fault.”

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