G100 and ACSI Conference 2017: Plenary 1 - KPMG Australia
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G100 and ACSI Conference 2017: Plenary 1

G100 and ACSI Conference 2017: Plenary 1

John Stanhope, Chairman of Australian Business Reporting Leaders Forum, chairs a panel discussion: 'The opportunity: Aligning the Capital Market System for 21st Century needs.'


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John Stanhope chairs a panel which includes:

  • Professor Mervyn King – Chairman, International Integrated Reporting Council, and Chairman, King Committee on Corporate Governance in South Africa
  • Paul Druckman, Board Member, UK Financial Reporting Council and Chairman, UK Corporate Reporting Council
  • Bill Edge – Chairman, Australian Financial Reporting Council
  • Warren Allen – CEO, New Zealand External Reporting Board.

Key points

  • The background to <IR> in South Africa through to the establishment of the IIRC.
  • The move in New Zealand to extended external reporting and take up of <IR> as part of the XRB strategy.
  • The Australian FRC is in the fact-finding phase and does not have clear consensus on next steps.
  • The UK FRC is ‘lucky’ to have all the levers to effect change through collaboration.
  • In the UK, the strategic report is an integrated report, which is bringing capital market advantages to UK companies.
  • Director liability is a ‘fixation’ in Australia.

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